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Black Box Resale Services practices Lean Manufacturing principles throughout our 80,000 square-foot facility. Lean is a production practice that considers the expenditure of resources for any goal other than the creation of value for the end customer to be wasteful, and thus a target for elimination. In a more basic term, more value with less work. This translates to lower costs, higher quality, and shorter lead times for you.

Our certified technicians fix all major brands and models. Let’s take a few minutes and show you exactly what we do.

Product Evaluation

We start by evaluating the telephony product to see if the plastic shell is cracked or otherwise damaged. If the shell does indeed need replacement, then we replace it from our own in-house Paint Center inventory. Rest assured, your repaired phone will look and perform like new.

Broken Phone

Serialized Barcoding

Next, we apply a serialized barcode to each product needing repair. As our repair process is paperless, this barcode helps us manage the flow of work in progress in our Repair Center. The barcode is scanned at every touch point, so we always know the status of every item from receipt to shipment.


Board-Level Repair

After our Black Box Resale Services certified repair technicians make the necessary repairs, every product is tested to make sure it's fully functional. And, unlike a lot of resellers, it’s not just a simple pass/fail tester we hook the product to. Our facility has a complete switch test lab where we plug the products into working switches. This way, we know it’ll actually work in a real-world application.

Board-Level Repair

Cleaning & Sanitizing

After the product has been repaired, tested, and put back together, we focus on making it look like new. This includes cleaning and sanitizing to Black Box Resale Services rigorous quality standards.


Quality Control

The cleaned phone is then packaged with a new cord, extra keys, and new product literature. It goes through yet another quality check to ensure that your equipment will work and look the way you need it to. In fact, when you see a new and a Black Box repaired phone side by side, there's no discernable difference between the two. It looks, and most importantly performs that good.

Quality Control

Warranty Tracking

Once the repair order is ready to ship, each barcode is scanned into our warranty tracking system. This allows us to track warranty claims and you to view the remaining warranty for any Black Box Resale Services repaired product online. Most of the products we repair come with our comprehensive 2-year warranty standard.

Warranty Tracking


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