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The move to Voice Over Internet Protocol(VOIP) communications is happening rapidly across the business world. For many small to medium sized businesses, a hosted VOIP solution simply makes the most sense. By eliminating the need for traditional telephone lines and the local telephone company, your communications resources are tied directly to your existing network with very little additional equipment required. This is especially true with hosted solutions. Being able to manage and monitor all of your communications in one package streamlines and unifies your business process.

For a small business, the move to a hosted VoIP solution will give you all the benefits of a large-scale company's communications system without the massive upfront cost. It gives you features that you simply can't get over a simple copper telephone line.

Benefits of a Hosted VOIP Solution

  • » Better time use through enhanced caller ID and voicemail-to-email.
  • » Conferencing included, eliminating the need for a third party vendor.
  • » Multi-locations work as one. Satellite offices, remote employees, and mobile workers are all part of the same phone system.
  • » Reduced Voicemail burden. Voicemail to email delivers messages to an inbox or smartphone.
  • » Enhanced presence. Managed call forwarding means even mobile employees can be reached.
  • » Cost savings. For many businesses, utilizing a hosted VOIP solution saves them money over setting up a traditional system.

Save Money

  • » Leasing your system results in zero out-of-pocket start up costs.
  • » Unified dialing plans across offices mean no charge for inter-office dialing.
  • » Cut your phone service costs by up to half.

Get Presence Anywhere

  • » Publish only one number on your business card and guarantee your customers that they will never get a busy signal.
  • » Get an area code anywhere in the country. Your customers can make a local call to reach you and see local caller ID when you call them.

Ease of Use

  • » The entire system can be administered from any web browser, anywhere!
  • » Redundant data centers, next day replacement parts, 24x7 monitoring and help desk support.

Innovative Features

  • » Unlimited conference calling and voice mail. Built-in unified communications functionality like voice-mail to e-mail and SMS text notification is available, too!
  • » Key employees never miss a call, thanks to Find-Me/Follow-Me call routing.
  • » Disaster Recovery options provide business continuity in the event of a power or Internet outage, equipment failure, or other disaster.


We currently offer hosted VoIP solutions from Star 2 Star and Mitel. Both companies offer top-notch innovative solutions for businesses, and each has it's strong points for customizing a solution that best fits your needs.

Star 2 Star delivers business-focused Internet communication systems and services. Star2Star’s award-winning technology employs a powerful Blended Architecture that overcomes the limitations of other Internet phone technologies, and delivers innovative features and increased productivity while providing substantial cost savings.

Below are some informational documents about Star 2 Star's innovative solutions -

Star 2 Star system architecture overview
Star 2 Star multiple locations solutions

Mitel’s Freedom Architecture is transforming the industry, providing the flexibility and simplicity required for today's dynamic work environment. Through a single cloud-ready software stream, Mitel delivers a powerful suite of advanced communications and collaboration capabilities.

Overview of Mitel services

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