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Repair Services

A cost-effective way to keep legacy equipment operating and increase ROI.

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Design, installation, and maintenance solutions for all types of data infrastructures.

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Solutions :: Repair Services

At Black Box Resale Services, we offer an innovative way of doing business. For over 20 years, we have recognized that our customers require creative solutions to meet their unique business needs. Trust Black Box Resale to offer a solution that includes quality products at budget-friendly prices. Guaranteed.

A customized Repair Services plan can help your business ::

  • » Keep portions of your legacy network in service
  • » Overcome inventory challenges of sourcing both new and used equipment
  • » Provide comprehensive warranty terms for legacy equipment
  • » Meet 'Green' goals
  • » Recoup investment from old and unused equipment

Full Lifecycle Management

Utilizing our capabilities creates flexible, yet cost-effective options for many equipment replacement strategies.

An Inside Look at Repair Services from Black Box Resale

Our ability to clean, test and certify equipment before it gets to site minimizes hidden costs and time constraints. Downtime is shortened as critical components are identified and repaired in advance of a major failure. Repaired devices are ready for quick shipment and allow for a significant reduction in site downtime. And by keeping legacy equipment in production, further ROI is gained.

Find out why we are the repair experts!

    We provide certified repair on major equipment brands such as Avaya, Aspect, Cisco, Nortel, and Siemens. Our repair specifications are as good as or better than OEM specs. Learn more about our certification process.

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