Used Cisco
Black Box Resale Services is your one trusted source for both new and used Cisco equipment for your network infrastructure. In today's challenging economic environment, smart IT organizations utilize both new and used Cisco equipment strategically to get the most out of their networks. Whether used Cisco equipment is employed to lower the cost of the network infrastructure, to add capacity to existing legacy networks, to develop network sparing and disaster recovery capabilities, or for unforeseen emergency needs, the one thing you want most when buying used Cisco equipment is peace of mind.

As a Cisco certified reseller offering Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment, peace of mind is exactly what you get when buying used Cisco from us. Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment is a trusted and price competitive alternative when new Cisco equipment is not an option. Fully refurbished to Cisco factory specifications, Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment is backed by the same warranty, maintenance, and support options as the equivalent new product.

Key highlights of Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment:

  • Comprehensive catalog - over 2800 different used Cisco equipment across all technologies with the largest inventory of Cisco certified equipment in the industry
  • Equipment you can trust - all used Cisco equipment have been refurbished, upgraded, tested, and inspected to meet Cisco specifications; all equipment meets or exceeds engineering, safety and environmental standards (UL, FCC, EMC/EMI, ETSI, MVDT, NEBS)
  • Secure products - Cisco certified means no outdated, counterfeit, stolen or improperly refurbished units to add risk to your network infrastructure
  • Fully licensed - comes with software license already included; no need to purchase a software license separately as is necessary with other used Cisco equipment
  • Fully backed by Cisco - same-as-new warranty and SMARTnet support options offer 24 hours a day, 365 days a year software and hardware support from the Cisco Technical Assistance Center
  • Fast shipment - In-stock inventory usually ships within 24 hours
  • Priced competitively with no hidden costs - 25% to 75% of original new list prices to fit within your budget
  • Financing programs are available through Cisco Capital™ to further increase budget flexibility

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We can meet your most challenging network infrastructure needs with the industry's only Cisco approved used Cisco equipment solution.