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VG200 AVVID CallManager Gateway

The Cisco Certified Refurbished VG200 allows customers to connect Cisco IP telephony solution products such as IP phones to the PSTN or to a PBX. Analog telephones or fax machines can also be connected. The compact Cisco VG200 chassis with a single 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet port would contain a network module (NM) that provides digital signal processor (DSP) resources, and VICs and/or VWICs, which are used to provide the physical voice interfaces. A typical configuration includes a NM-2V network module and two VICs. These VICs can be any combination of foreign exchange station (FXS), foreign exchange office (FXO), ear and mouth (E&M), or Basic Rate Interface (BRI) (both user and network sides) for a total of four channels. In another common configuration of the Cisco VG200, the digital T1/E1 packet voice trunk network module is used. The module can support up to 60 voice channels (two E1 interfaces in a single network module). This packet voice trunk module supports both on- and off-premise connections to PBXs and PSTNs. With 12.2(13)T, the NM-HDV card can be used to support not only digital voice termination, but also concurrent support for transcoding and conferencing services.