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The Cisco AS5400 Universal Gateway is the highest-density, carrier-class access server on the market, offering unparalleled capacity in only two rack units (2 RUs) with universal port data, voice, wireless, and fax services on any port at any time. Its high density, low power consumption and digital signal processors (DSPs) make it ideal for many network deployment architectures, especially co-location environments and mega points of presence (POPs). Universal port functionality enables the Cisco AS5400 to operate simultaneously as a network access server (NAS) and a voice gateway delivering universal services on any port at any time. The Cisco AS5400 universal services include dial access, real time voice and fax, and wireless data access. The Cisco AS5400 Universal Gateway achieves cost savings through optimized utilization of the universal port access infrastructure. The Cisco AS5400 has hot-swappable cards, an internal redundant power supply and environmental monitoring.