• Used with the system’s internal Automated Attendant and DISA feature
  • Used when DID trunks have been configured for DTMF signaling
  • Used when 4-wire E&M Tie Line Port Card, OPX LSI Port Card, 12 Port SLT Card, or T1 Port Card is installed
  • Provides 6 digital station ports and 6 DTMF receiver ports

System Requirements/Compatibility:

  • Works with Isoetec Digital System/Executone Integrated Digital Systems (IDS™) 84, 108, 228, 432 and 648
Condition SKU Description Stock Price Quantity
Refurbished XI15550 ISOETEC 228 DTMF STATION CARD Get Quote
Advance Replacement AI15550 ISOETEC 228 DTMF STATION CARD Get Quote
Repair RI15550 ISOE 228 DTMF STATION CARD $70.00

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