optiPoint 500 Basic

An affordably priced multi-line telephone that features display capabilities, integrated USB jack and modularity. It expands the digital capabilities offered by the optiPoint 500 Entry, more keys with LEDs for programmable features, multiple line appearances and call coverage capabilities. Plus a display with optiGuide easy access to features, USB jack for economical CTI integration, and one adapter bay for adding modular options.
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Refurbished X69903 OPTIPOINT 500 BASIC MANGAN In Stock Get Quote
Refurbished X69902 SMN OPTIPOINT 500 BASIC ARCTIC Get Quote
Advance Replacement A69903 OPTIPOINT 500 BASIC MANGAN Get Quote
Advance Replacement A69902 SMN OPTIPOINT 500 BASIC ARCTIC Get Quote
Repair R69903 SMN OPTIPOINT 500 BASIC MANGAN $85.00
Repair R69902 SMN OPTIPOINT 500 BASIC ARCTIC $85.00