The Nortel VPN Router 1750 serves several roles in enterprise and carrier IP networks: basic IP access router, dedicated VPN switch, or firewall and can evolve from one to another through a simple license key. Supporting up to 500 VPN tunnels, the VPN Router 1750 is ideal for office centers, campuses, or large branch offices with several hundred users. With four expansion slots, the VPN Router 1750 can support range of LAN, WAN and acceleration cards for fan-out and back-up purposes, giving maximum expansion flexibility at an attractive entry price.


  • Provides IP access routing or secure VPN access for office centers, campuses, and large branch offices requiring up to 500 IPSec tunnels.
  • Offers complete IP access router and VPN features in a single box, including IP routing, virtual private networking, stateful firewall, encryption, authentication, policy services, quality of service (QoS), and bandwidth management services.
  • Supports standard IPsec, L2TP, PPTP, and L2F tunneling protocols to interoperate with a wide range of multi-vendor VPN software and hardware.
  • Encrypts outgoing traffic with DES, 3DES, or Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to prevent eavesdropping of data en route.
  • Accepts incoming traffic through authenticated, tunneled connections, and logs all transactions for audit and trend reporting.
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