ROLMphone 624S

Customize your office phones with exactly the mix of advanced capabilities you need. The genius of the modular, customizable ROLMphone 600 series is that whatever your telecommunications needs, it's easy to configure each unit with exactly the options you require.

Standard features on the ROLMphone 624S include:
  • 11 telephone lines
  • 24 Feature Buttons total, including lines, and 22 LEDs
  • Modular - supports two bay options plus one Keyboard Expansion Option
  • Programmable dialing, redialing, and speed dialing
  • Two way speakerphone for hands-free conversation
  • Conference calling for up to eight parties, including two external callers
  • Various ringing tones to distinguish nearby lines from one another
  • Call forwarding, transferring and waiting
  • Adjustable volume
  • Muting for private side conversations
  • Call parking allows you to pick up calls and put them on hold at other extensions
  • Do not disturb and other privacy features
  • Product Options
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    Refurbished X66308 R/P 624 W/SPKR - GRAY In Stock Get Quote
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    Advance Replacement A66308 R/P 624 W/SPKR - GRAY Get Quote
    Repair R66308 RP 624S $60.00