New Used & Refurbished Nortel IP Phone 2007

When you buy new Nortel IP Phone 2007 online, you receive a device that incorporates a 5.7” (12.7cm x 17.8cm) color touch-screen, bringing multimedia presentation support to the desktop IP Phone. Virtual Network Computing technology optimizes content pushed from external application servers in advanced text or graphical format. A USB port supports standard USB mouse and keyboards for simple “point-n-click” access and navigation. Business telephony features are robust as delivered from Nortel Communication Servers.

  • Enables both prepackaged and customized content from external application servers, including advanced text, still-frame, streaming video and other web-centric/data-centric applications, to be optimally presented on its display
  • Delivers flexible and efficient access in navigation of menus and applications and increased productivity in data entry with its support of an integrated touch-screen, an on-screen popup keyboard and a USB port which supports standard USB mice, keyboards and hubs
  • Up to twelve programmable line/feature keys and up to 650 business telephony features delivering robust voice communications support (number of features are Nortel Communication Server dependent)
  • Tools softkey offering “single click” access to administration menus including phone configuration, network and local diagnostic menus and user preferences
  • Integrated RJ-8 port enabling quick and direct connection of either amplified or un-amplified headsets
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