This Cisco serial cable is used in the following systems: the Cisco 7000 family, Cisco 4000 series, Cisco 3600 series, Cisco 2500 series, Cisco 1600 series, Cisco access servers, and AccessPro PC cards. This cable has a male DB-60 connector on the Cisco end and a male Winchester connector on the network end.

Green and environmentally friendly. Low price and budget friendly. And thats just the beginning of the benefits you get with Cisco Certified Refurbished CAB-V35MT from Black Box Resale Services. Remanufactured to exacting standards in the Cisco state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment carries the same warranty as new equipment.

Cisco Part Number: CAB-V35MT-RF

Replaces Cisco Part Numbers: CAB-V35MT and CAB-V35MT=
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Certified Refurbished JCISCABV35MT V.35 Cable, DTE, Male, 10ft $43.00 Get Quote
Product Specifications
Product Description Cisco V.35 cable - 10 ft
Type V.35 cable ( DTE )
Length 10 ft
Connector(s) 1 x 34 pin M/34 (V.35) - male
Connector(s) (Other Side) 1 x 60 pin D-Sub (DB-60) - male
Designed For Cisco 16XX, 25XX, 36XX, 4000, 4500, 4700, 4800, 70XX, 71XX, 72XX, 73XX, 74XX, 75XX, 76XX; AccessPro

  • Technical Specs
    Product Description:Cisco V.35 cable - 10 ft
    Type:V.35 cable ( DTE )
    Connector(s):1 x 60 pin D-Sub (DB-60) - male
    Connector(s) (Other Side):1 x 34 pin M/34 (V.35) - male
    Length:10 ft

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