The Digital Drop and Insert Mux (DDIM) Module is a module that fits into the BCM and combines the functionality of the standard BCM Digital Trunk Module with a built- in Drop and Insert CSU. It accepts a T-1 with both voice and data from a service provider and splits off the channels carrying data and routes them to an interface on the front of the module.

The front faceplate of the DDIM module has LEDs that indicate power, status and ongoing test and alarms similar to the Digital Trunk Module. It also has LEDs that indicate the status of the serial data interface, including Transmit, Receive, RTS, CTS, DCD, DSR and TM.

The DDIM is supported in the main BCM200/400 cabinet only (the DDIM is not supported in the Expansion chassis) and supports standard T-1 only (not PRI). The interface is a V.35 in the form of a miniature DB-26 connector. A variety of cables are available that connect to either the BCM WAN card to take advantage of the BCM internal router, or to external Nortel routers and other third party routers. The DDIM cables include:

• DB-26 interface to connect to BCM WAN
• DB-44 interface to connect to Nortel routers
• DB-60 interface to connect to third party routers
• Standard V.35 with M34F interface

In addition to providing a network service revenue opportunity, the DDIM streamlines implementation costs, as it is easier to install and configure than a separate, external Drop and Insert CSU/DSU. The DDIM also streamlines ongoing management costs as it is managed through the same Unified Manager as BCM.
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