The 4x16 combines a CTM with four analog trunks and a DSM 16 into a single module. Combining the CTM and the DSM 16, a single module provides analog trunk access and digital station interfaces. The 4x16 module provides increased flexibility for the small site, enabling small line and station configurations to be supported without the expansion chassis.

The CTM portion of the 4x16 provides 4 analog trunk interfaces to the telco central office. Each trunk interface supports Bellcore Caller ID and disconnect supervision. In addition, trunk 1 provides an auxiliary port that allows an analog telephony device, like a modem, a fax machine or an analog telephone, to share this trunk. The operation of this auxiliary port is identical to the auxiliary port in the CTM4 and CTM8.

The DSM16 portion of the 4x16 module de-multiplexes a DS-30 channel into 16 digital phone interfaces. Each digital phone interface supports two bidirectional channels.

The 4x16 module uses one and one-quarter DS30 channels in the DS256 serial bus.

The CTM portion of the 4x16 module requires one quarter of a DS30 channel and its DS30 channel number is selected by the DS30 channel number dip-switches. The DSM 16 portion of the 4x16 module requires an entire DS30 channel. It will use the next adjacent DS30 channel number to which the DS30 dip-switches are set.

The 4x16 is available in North America only
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