New Used & Refurbished Avaya 2410DG Phone

When you buy new Avaya 2410DG phones online from Black Box Resale you receive the following features:
  • A full-adjustable 5 x 29 display
  • Conference, Transfer, Drop, Hold, and Redial buttons
  • Speaker, Headset and Mute buttons(with LEDs)
  • A highly visible Message Waiting Indicator and message button for expedited access to voicemail
  • Electronic feature/key labeling and display -never fill out another paper label. Labeling is performed automatically by the switch and appears on the display. The phone has 24 call appearance/feature buttons
  • Call Log Directoryand Speed Dial - a 48-entry call log records answered, incoming unanswered, and outgoing calls. The call log can also be used to populate the 48-record Speed Dial Directory
Condition SKU Description Stock Price Quantity
New NLDEF2410DG LU DEF 2410 DISP GRY Get Quote
Refurbished XLDEF2410DG LU DEF 2410 DISP GRY In Stock Get Quote
Advance Replacement ALDEF2410DG LU DEF 2410 DISP GRY Get Quote
Repair RLDEF2410DG LU DEF 2410 DISP GRY $130.00